MultiBall LED

MultiBall LED
Full Specifications and Features


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What's In The Boxes

Control Rack 
(MultiBall Console, Image Processor, Screen Control PC, Brightness Controller, Amplifier, Power Box)

Sensor Frame 
(dust and water protection IP 65)

LED Screen 
(dust and water protection IP 65)

Outdoor Stand

Transport Cases


Model year



Dimensions (WxHxD) 

481 x 348 x108 cm indoor use

481 x 348 x150 cm outdoor use



Size: 450 x 300 cm

Impact Protection: 800 kg/m²

Resolution: 756x506 Pixels

Brightness (cd/m²): 6.000

Refresh Rate: 1.920 Hz

Operating Temperature: -20 °C / +50 °C

Screen Protection: 800 kg/m²



Power: 400 V /10 kW (CEE 32 A)

Ethernet Inputs: 2

DVI Inputs: 1

USB Port: 1


Sound (Speakers and Amplifier):

1x 4-Channel amplifier, power RMS/4 Ohm: 4 x 70 watt

4x Loudspeaker 160 W, 2-way coaxial system, weather-proof polypropylene membrane 



Operating System: Ball OS

Ball Platform: Remote Administration, Automated Updates and New Game Downloads

Onboard Storage: 500 GB

Display Language: English



Sensor Frame: Stainless Steel 


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Fun with every Ball
MultiBall LED is designed to detect balls of 5 cm or larger to play all our games.

24/7 Use
All hardware is designed for maximum durability.

SX Brightness Control
Automatic brightness adjustment to the light conditions of the surroundings.